Youtube works on automatic captions

November 20th, 2009

Not properly introduced yet and not without faults but this might be something useful on the long run. And what works now already is an automatic timing feature, where your titles will come up at the right moment without you putting them on the track:

Welcome to the Languages and Film Talent Awards (LAFTAs)!

November 16th, 2009

If you live in the UK (and if you are between 13 and 21 – check this out.


DIVIS newsletter available

November 2nd, 2009

The current DIVIS newsletter is available here. Please pass it on to your colleagues.

Day of languages: broadcast on Open Channel Berlin

September 10th, 2009

There is a new 30 minute broadcast coming to support the European Day of Languages 2009. The programme will be broadcast on the 26th September at 11.00 hrs in the Berlin television network. There will be a livestream taking place at the same time which can be found on

DIVIS presentation at Edulearn09

July 8th, 2009

DIVIS at the conference Edulearn 09 in Barcelona: A presentation from Dolors Masats and Melinda Dooly. Go here for the paper and powerpoint.

New language video courses in 2010 and 2011

June 25th, 2009

The Commission has granted two new video courses for languages teachers both in October 2010 and 2011 for teachers across Europe (but according to the rules not from Germany).  You find the details in the course web. Please pass this info on to your colleagues.

Languages meet Sport

June 22nd, 2009

Check out an interesting conference “Languages and intercultural Dialogue in Sport” in Trieste on the 16th and 17th October 2009. You find more information about this conference here.

Dutch and Italian words

June 13th, 2009

Pickung up on the Speech Bubbles project idea and extending the idea of presenting words in a foreign language you find here a new clip from a school in Maastricht with a few words in Dutch and Italian and also a short introduction in both. More about the current video language development also on